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The purpose of this website is to provide general information about our firm of notaries, the role of the notary and about the professional services that the notary provides.



The information that you will find on our website may provide a basis to learn about or enhance your knowledge of certain legal aspects, but does not constitute notarial or legal advice per se and does not in any way contribute to creating a professional relationship between the notary and client.


Every client has their own story and particular issues to be addressed, even if many clients are not convinced this is the case. It is therefore advisable that clients refer to the notary in person for advice on their own specific legal situation.


Our firm is available to help to assess your concerns and advise you on the best solutions, in all the typical areas of notarial activity: real estate, company law, family and inheritance.


Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Client Area

This area is reserved for the firm's clients.


It allows clients to access records and to view or download certain documents such as a copy of a document, their bill, transcription note, compliance reports and more.


If you are a client and do not have your access credentials, you can request them by using the appropriate form available in the client area.

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