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Five reasons for choosing our practice .....

We try to offer our customers a service that's worth more than it costs, not a low-cost service

Bragging about our legal skills could appear a little presumptuous, and would involve making statements our customers might find hard to verify, so we prefer to just list a few "concrete" reasons that anyone can check and compare easily.



  1. analysis of tax problems (taxation, tax assessments, profits, abuses of law, money laundering)
  2. verification of land registry surveys and urban risks
  3. checking discounts and tax deductions, and finding suitable solutions to meet the requirements of fairness, security and affordability
  4. support from the start of negotiations (preparation and transcription of preliminary contracts and analysing funding proposals)


Availability and services:

  1. first personal interview with one of the notaries, free and without any obligation
  2. direct advice from asolicitor for all of the requirements encountered during the investigation
  3. three points of contact:Grosseto, Monte Argentario and Orbetello
  4. access to your own reserved area so copies of the deeds and the main documentation is always available to you
  5. timely alerts service and information about major regulatory innovations



  1. Management of debts burdening a property with immediate release from mortgages guaranteed
  2. Management of sums deposited to guarantee the obligations and their fulfilment by counter-parties
  3. transcription of documents normally within three working days to protect the buyer
  4. emergency case management, with the capacity to record and transcribe deeds within 24 hours
  5. conditionality checks and their regulation


Transparency in budgets and performance content:

The estimate represents the initial element for customer relations, and the possible conclusion of a work contract.The customers must therefore be properly informed: they must know the costs of the components, "what" thesolicitor office has undertaken to execute, and"how" and "when" these various activities will be performed.Our quotes attempt to fulfil these legitimate consumer rights



Our services are organised, and use working methods that have been tested and certified to ensure a consistent service quality, which also allows us to be punctual with regard to appointments and schedules.

Training of solicitors and staff is ensured by continuous refresher courses within a solicitor's network (Laboratorio della Qualità Notarile [Notary Laboratory]) and the help of external consultants and professionals.

Internal management of the entire practice: we are convinced of the utility of working in a combined way, sharing costs, solutions and consultants.


..... and we wouldn't choose a different one.

Looking for the lowest price

We're convinced that buying a home, taking out a mortgage, drafting a will, or regulating your business activities are too important to arrange or manage without due diligence and a respect for quality.

Because of this, don't expect to find a low-quality, low-cost service at our offices.

You shouldn't be asking how much it costs, but rather, how much the service is worth to you.

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